The Melia Resort | An All-Inclusive Getaway in Nassau Bahamas

My Favorite Place to Escape With Family


Winter in Wisconsin, ahhh, so beautiful, so picturesque, so serene. And I’m so f&*$ing over it!! #sorrynotsorry. My kids and I have major cabin fever, you can’t even get the damn mail without putting 5 million layers of clothes on, my skin is dry AF, and all the trees are gray and dead. I mean come on! I need some vitamin D and some vitamin ‘sea’, by that I mean some fun in the sun and some turquoise blue water!

If you know me personally, you know my love for the beach and the ocean. I grew up in Boston and spent Summers down the Cape (Cape Cod for all you non-New Englanders). As an adult I moved North of the city and started spending Summers in Gloucester, Massachusetts. While they have tons of beaches, Good Harbor Beach is my all time personal favorite. Some weekends you could even find me on a boat fishing off the coast and soaking up the sunshine.

There’s just something about the water, the sand, the salty air.


The Melia Resort

Lifeguard stand on Cable Beach at The Melia


One of my favorite places to go outside the states is The Bahamas. Specifically Nassau at The Melia Nassau Resort on Cable Beach. I’ve been to many different islands and The Bahamas is hands down my favorite. I stumbled upon The Melia when planning our 2015 destination wedding. We went for a quick trip to scope out the resort and do some extra wedding planning stuff and fell in love. Our wedding ended up being amazing and our family and friends loved the resort as well. Fast forward to November 2018, we went for a third time to The Melia and this time brought our kids! It was our 3 year anniversary trip and knew the kids love the water so we thought, “let’s make it a family vacation!”. The kids had a blast, so did we, and we can’t wait to go back.


The Melia Nassau

The Level Beach View


Since it was our anniversary we splurged on The Level upgrade, got a junior suite and let me tell you, it’s worth every penny! Not only do you get 24 hour room service, but you get premium drinks, special Level Lounge access with VIP check-in, preferred restaurant reservations AND an exclusive roped off area of Cable Beach WITH butler drink and food service! Talk about amaze balls convenience, with two kids going crazy for lunch and you don’t even have to wipe the sand off their feet or take off their bathing suits. Boom, anything you want delivered to your chaise lounge.


Tip: The BBQ shrimp and grilled chicken sandwiches were my favorite. The kids loved their chicken tenders and fries 🙂



For me The Melia, is ideal. People tend to look for certain things when they book a tropical vacation. For us, we like the smaller scale of this resort. I personally don’t like walking miles from the hotel lobby or my room to get to the beach or pools. Or god forbid you forget something in your room for the kids and have to walk all the way back.  Their beach has never been crowded in the 3 times we’ve stayed here. They’ve also added more thatched umbrellas and chairs in the past few years too, so makes it even easier to find your perfect spot. The sand is white and powder soft, they even clean the seaweed off it every morning! The water is bathtub warm and crystal clear.


The Melia Nassau

The Outdoor Beach Side Breakfast Dining Area for Level Guests

What I also love is that their beach is kid friendly, what that means to me is that the waves aren’t insanely huge where I feel unsafe for myself or the kiddos. Some destinations I’ve been to have had some serious surf and I would never have felt comfortable taking my kids in the ocean there. Another great perk is that The Melia is a short 10 minute cab ride from Lynden Pindling Airport. Nothing worse than sitting in a plane for god knows how long then having to take a long taxi ride to your resort after you land (especially with two toddlers).

As I mentioned the food at the resort is wonderful, and since people have different tastes for food, they have 5 different restaurants on the property. Something for everyone for sure, even picky eaters. Across the street you’ll find a super fun daiquiri bar and straw market for some souvenir shopping and a cocktail. Bring cash and be prepared to haggle prices. You can also grab the #10 bus for a couple bucks and take a short ride into downtown. There is tons of shopping and food options, like the ever popular and tourist friendly Señor Frogs.  Bonus! You can stare in awe at the huge cruise-liners pulling in and out of port while you eat courtesy of their waterfront deck dining. You can also book excursions with the concierge and go swimming with the pigs in The Exumas or take the free water taxi across to Balmoral Island and swim with the dolphins or stingrays! You can’t go wrong in The Bahamas!


The Melia Nassau

The Level Suite View..AMAZING


If you choose to visit The Melia for your next trip (with kids or without) you will not be disappointed. Take my tip and upgrade to The Level, get a ‘sweet’ suite, kick back and relax in tropical paradise!

~It truly is “Better in the Bahamas”~


Vega One Shakes| Plant-Based Super Food

My Favorite Family Friendly Shakes

Let me start by saying, this is by no means a blog about dieting or some latest health fad. I don’t diet. I never have, not that I don’t believe in it, I just have zero discipline and well, quite simply it’s not for me. However I do eat as “clean” as possible. I avoid processed food, bad sugar (high fructose corn syrup and the like), we don’t allow soda in the house and lately have been leaning towards bison versus regular ground beef, and chicken or seafood over steak. Since I’m pushing 40 and well, gravity is a mother fucker, I’ve got to start somewhere right?! Are we perfect? Hell no, but do we TRY, hell yes. You feel me? OK, moving on.

Getting myself (and my kids/hubby for that matter) to eat their fair share of veggies can be a struggle at times. Although my kids actually eat pretty good. But you can’t overdose on veggies right? One day my Aunt, suggested we try some amazing stuff. A plant-based powdered shake mix that’s not only healthy and family friendly but tastes BOMB! Like legit amazing. Vega All-In-One shakes have become my new go to. I can also actually have this in place of coffee and still feel energized. Plus my kids freaking LOVE IT! They call it a “chocolate shake” and think its a treat. Little do they know it has greens, omega 3 fatty acids, probiotic AND a ton of vitamins, and ummmm hello Biotin, you girls know this is a must have for amazing hair and nails!


Vega All-In-One shakes are gluten-free, vegan, no preservatives and no added sugar or grains. Which is why I’m ok feeding it to my kids. It is NOT some sort of muscle milk or weight loss crap. I obvi wouldn’t let my kids have it otherwise. What it does do is give my family and I, a daily dose of some essentials goodies and tastes awesome to boot. We prefer the chocolate but there are other flavors to try. Speaking of chocolate, we add a little special stuff to our shakes in our badass Ninja blender. A tablespoon of pure Navitas organic cacao powder! Little did you know (or maybe you did whatev’s) that this PURE cacao powder is loaded with nutrients plus antioxidants and is SUGAR FREE. For an extra added boost, throw in some frozen blueberries or strawberries and up your fruit game too. Not to mention the frozen fruit adds a nice iciness (is that a word?) and makes it super refreshing especially in the Summer for a breakfast or snack time treat.


Navitas Organic Cacao Powder amps up the chocolate flavor


We also love to add frozen strawberries or blueberries

My kids love making these with us and think the blender is a fun time and when it’s fired up, they know shakes are coming. Make it fun and let your kiddos help out! Here is a link to our favorite and super CHEAP Take and Toss cups with straws for your little humans if you decide to share your shake with them.


Awesome quick breakfast or snack for the whole family


BONUS: Navitas cacao powder can be used in coffee, cakes, brownies you name it! And it has 325% more magnesium than a serving of spinach!! Holy shit batman!

A Few Of My Favorite Things | J.Crew

AKA Anything From J.Crew/ J.Crew Factory

If you’re a J.Crew obsessed shopper like myself, then I’ll assume you know about their awesome outlet site J.Crew Factory. If not, then keep reading and thank me later.

J.Crew Factory is identical to their parent company J.Crew, however they have less expensive price tags, constant sales, promotions AND BONUS: if you sign up via email for their J.Crew Rewards program (which I might add is free) you get FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS. I mean talk about a win win.

I always wait until I receive one of their emails promoting a sale with extra promo codes for deeper discounts. That way I can stock up on essentials like these amaze balls shirts and my fav skinny jeans. Oh, speaking of jeans, my 5’3″ height lends itself to a shopping nightmare of sorts for jeans that fit properly. I have a booty and a short stature so as you’d imagine its annoying AF to shop. Well, J.Crew has me (and you) covered. They offer not only different leg styles like skinny, bootcut and trouser, they also offer mid-rise, high-rise (c-section mamas like me love these options to hide a pooch that just won’t quit, yah feel me?!) PLUS regular and petite sizing and different inseam options as short as 26 inches.

If you wait until you get additional promo’s or sales off already clearance priced items then well, hallelujah girl, it’s like the preppy holy grail of shopping scores. Some clothing and accessories can be literally as cheap as 6 bucks! True story I shit you not. So if you scope out the site and find some clearance must haves you’re eyeballing, add them to your cart, sign up for the rewards program, and boom; you’re on your way to a wardrobe upgrade in two shakes of a dirty martini.

Personally speaking from a style point of view, my closet is about 90% J.Crew/J.Crew Factory. Being from Boston and loving the ocean and beach, I definitely lean towards preppy, classic, New England fashion. You know what I mean, like as if I just stepped off a boat in Nantucket and I’m headed to CRU Oyster Bar for some Veuve and caviar. When in all reality I can’t afford to do either right now, but hey a girl can dream right? Anywho, my point being is that if it’s navy, has stripes, or some sort of tartan plaid and a splash of gingham, its more than likely hanging in my closet. So for me J.Crew Factory is a staple, and to have their outlet site be more accessible for my wallet, well it’s the bomb.

I love that J.Crew not only has awesome styles, whether you’re preppy like me or prefer looks that are more on trend, but the quality is amazing too. Some pieces I have collected over the years are still like new. Their coats are a particular favorite of mine and I’ve had two of them for almost 10 years now. Shoes are another awesome find on J.Crew Factory as they’re made in Italy but have a Walmart price tag (And before anyone gets butt hurt about my Walmart comparison, pump tha brakes, I shop there too, on the reg actually, groceries as well, so relax) They’re comfy, trendy, stylish and well made. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

I just snagged a few items I had my eye on. Here are my latest scores and links to shop them. Happy Shopping!

J.Crew Factory Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans. Currently on sale for $46.50. Available in regular/26″/28″ inseam options. Rockaway wash.

Mid-rise Skinny Jeans in Rockaway
Photo from J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory Solid Artist T-shirt. Available in multiple colors. Currently on sale starting at $14.50.

Solid Artist Tee
Photo from J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory Tortoise Hoop Earrings. 1.5″ diameter hoop. Currently on sale for $7.50. Blond Tort sold out until April 2019. Tortoise still available.

Tortoise Hoop Earrings
Photo from J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Stretch Suede Tassel Flats. Currently on sale for $29.99. Black is currently sold out. Still available in Saddle (tan/beige)

HINT: I recommend ordering one size up.

Stretch Suede Tassel Flats
Photo from J.Crew Factory

Bonus: Ladies, if you like to help dress your man, or he has no clue and you NEED to dress him, J.Crew Factory has fab men’s section too.

You’re welcome.

A Little About Me | Well Maybe A Lot

OK Well Probably More Than You Care to Know But Whatever


img_6820.jpg                            Pearls and Prosecco, what more could a girl ask for?!

Where do I start? Well, I’m Lauren. A Boston girl born and raised, now living in Wisconsin. I started this blog on a whim, as an outlet of sorts to rant, bitch, share real life experiences of everyday #momlife, new recipes and travel tips among other things. A diary of sorts perhaps? Call it what you wish.

Still with me? Good. I’m a wife and Mom of two littles. When I’m not blogging you can generally find me at home, cooking, drinking prosecco, traveling with my family, drinking prosecco, or DIY-ing some sort of project. I’m an avid foodie and love trying new restaurants with friends. I have a weird obsession with putting together any Amazon or IKEA flat pack furniture with obscure instructions, generally while swearing like a sailor and…..yup you guessed it drinking me some prosecco. Have I mentioned I love prosecco?

While this blog was meant as an escape for me, I hope it reaches someone and helps give them a smile, a new fashion tip, maybe some potty training advice? Whether you’re a Mom, a single hard working bad ass boss babe, or a house wife eating bon bons on the couch as you read this, I hope you like what I share and if you’ve got this far, well then kudos to you.

Small disclaimer/PSA: If you can’t take a joke and sarcasm, or MOST importantly can’t handle swearing, then please keep scrolling as you definitely will not like what I have to say. #sorrynotsorry